The Company

Since 1908, for more than 100 years, Otto Dille has been dealing with the import and export of vegetable tanning agents and has developed into a trading company known far beyond Germany. Otto Dille recognized that leather production would be relocated more and more from the European industrial nations to Third World countries and consequently attached special importance on business relationships with North Africa, Asia and Central America. Due to this business policy the company does not only have a major market share in Germany as well as in some West and East European countries, but also regularly supplies tanneries and chemical companies abroad. For many decades Otto Dille has been representing large manufacturers of wattle-bark extracts as well as Quebracho and chestnut extracts. Otto Dille also trades in fruit, bark and some special extracts such as Myrabolan, Sumach, Tara and Valonea extracts.
In addition to the worldwide trade with vegetable tanning agents Otto Dille is dealing with the sales of lignosulphonates. The product range includes a series of different types, standard qualities as well as special productions. Not only customers from tanneries, but also manufacturers of chemical products, chipboard, herbicides and pesticides agents, fertilisers and animal feed are amongst the clients. As from the middle of 2003 a merger of the group of companies Otto Dille GmbH & Co. KG into Baeck GmbH & Co. KG took place and since then is run as separate department inside of Baeck & Co. The trademark Otto Dille has been protected by Baeck & Co. in order to assure that also in the future the name Otto Dille will continue to exist. Otto Dille is a third generation run company.

Our General Terms and Conditions of Business

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AEO C Authorized Economic Operator
customs simplifications
DE AEOC 110335

Ermächtigter Ausführer
(accredited exporter)

Simplified declaration of origin

Zugelassener Ausführer
(authorized exporter)

Simplified export of goods

ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 9001 : 2015 - DQS
Certified user
Quality Management System for global trade in chemical products under the OTTO DILLE brand