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SETA SF1TM - Filling agent for leather

SETA SF1 is an auxiliary filler composed by special organic materials, carefully selected to promote its maximum absorption by the leather. SETA SF1 is used during the retanning process for chrome, vegetable and combination leathers. SETA SF1 imparts tight break, uniformity and buffing properties and also promotes a softy, silky and roundness feel. Due to its remarkable selective penetration, SETA SF1 reduces significantly the looseness especially in the flanks and bellies areas. The resulting leathers present higher fiber density and increased cutting area. In addition, SETA SF1 acts as a humectants and assists leathers to hold moisture, preventing over drying and grain cracking. SETA SF1 is also recommended for natural color crust leathers due to its excellent properties in terms of lightfastness.

Principle of action
Different from the majority of filling agents like resins, which present considerable reactiveness with the hide substance, SETA SF1 does not need pH lowering or any kind of adjustment for fixation via precipitation. For this reason, SETA SF1 may be applied in a wide range of pH. The penetration through the cross-section of the leathers is fast, the product being consequently more absorbed in the loose open areas.

SETA SF1 is to be added in low float at 60°C, 20 minutes before the addition of the fatliquoring agents, preferable in form of slurry, made with water at 50°C and in proportion of 1:5. It is also possible to use the product directly in the powder form, but better results are obtained when the product is previously dissolved. Low float is recommended in order to speed up product absorption. The optimal penetration is obtained after 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the application conditions, such as mechanical action. After this period float may be increased if necessary for following steps.

Combination leathers   2 to 5% on the shaved weight
Sheepskins3 to 6% on the shaved weight
Garment leathers3 to 6% on the shaved weight
Guideline recipe
Wash, 200% with water at 60°C during 15 min, drain, Fatliquoring 40 to 60% of water at 60°C, add 2 to 5% SETA SF1, run 20 min, increase the volume to 100 to 200% with water at 60°C, proceeding with the following steps as usual.

Typical analysis
Physical appearance   White powder
pH (sol. 1% w/v)6.0 +/- 1.5
Moisture8% maximum
25 kg Net Weight bags and pallets with 1 metric tons each.

Storing conditions / Expiration date
Store away from moisture and direct sunlight. If kept in its original package, this product will remain unaltered for 24 months.