Cristal quartz sand

Product: Mixture of Kaolin products
Origin: Germany
Colour: Grey Powder

Chemical properties
Al2O3(MA.-%)ca. 0,6
Fe2O3(MA.-%)< 0,03
K2O(MA.-%)ca. 0,02
Loss on ignition(MA.-%)ca. 0,2
Na2O(MA.-%)ca. 0,01
SiO2(MA-%)ca. 99,0
TiO2(MA.-%)ca. 0,05

Grain size distribution
Grain size(µm)0 - 40
Guide value > 40 µm(MA.-%)ca. 3,0

Mineralogical properties
Feldspar(MA.-%)< 1,0
Others(MA.-%)ca. 0,5
Quartz(MA.-%)> 98,5
Physical properties
Bulk density(g/ml)ca. 0,83
Moisture(MA.-%)< 0,1
Special density(g/ml)ca. 2,63
Crystal quartz powders are produced by iron-free grinding of processed quartz grains and subsequent air classification. Crystal quartz powders are characterized by their high SiO2 content and a low concentration of Fe2O3 and TiO2.

Construction ceramics, glazes, enamels, sanitary ware, tableware, grinding wheels, technical ceramics, insulators. With their high purity and individually adjustable fineness Crystal quartz powders improve your bodies and glazes.

Packaging materials are subject to normal ageing. Packed material should not be stored over 6 months. The goods can be supplied either in bulk with silo trucks or in 25 kg paper bags. Disposal or other recommendations may be taken from our Safety Data Sheet, which is available on request at