Animal Food Additives

Use of tannic vegetable plant extracts of different origin (Mimosa and Quebracho) for a positive impact on the metabolism, also as a natural alternative to antibiotics in animal nutrition.

Tannins are phenolic compounds playing an important role in animal feed. They are important antioxidants with a beneficial influence on digestion and the bacterial flora of animals and thus enhance their immune system.

One of the most significant features of tannins in this context is their influence on proteolysis.

Main characteristics of tannins as food additives:

  • Reduced production of methane
  • Protein and amino acid degradation
  • Delayed ruminal fermentation (milk cows) to prevent disorders of the acid-base balance
  • Anti-bloating and anti-diarrhoeal
  • Fungistatic, bactericidal, antibacterial, mycotoxin absorbent
  • Increased meat and milk production
Tierfutter-Additive als natürliche Alternative zu Antibiotika in der Tierernährung

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