Dust Binder Aglo-Polvon®

Why use our Dust Binder Aglo-Polvon?
• Health protection (for Residents and employees)
• Protection of vehicles, equipment and machines (keeps Maintenance and upkeep cost and wear low)
• Loss of material (in extraction companies, on stockpiles, while loading and unloading)

How does OTTO DILLE's dust suppression work?
• Application as 3 - 5% admixture to the normal spray water
• Cohesion of water is being reduced
     - Surface tension of water declines
     - Suspension from water and dust
• Special ingredients agglomerate dust particles into non-sticky structures
     - Bundles of particles are being created that will last
       even after drying and cannot be scattered anymore.
• Dust is effectively controlled

Application Instructions for Dust Binder Aglo-Polvon
• 3-5% admixture to normal spray water
   Exact concentration depends on dust material, particle size, wind conditions etc.
• Do not use water from natural reservoirs
   Microorganisms from pools, rivers, lakes, ponds etc. provoke mould
• Use up mixed spray water and dust control agent on the short term. Natural ingredients provoke mould.
• Protect from sunlight and frost (Risk of mould and freezing)

Environmental Compatibility
• Does not apply to REACH
   (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, officially: Regulation (EG) Nr. 1907/2006)
• German Water Hazard Class I (Wassergerfährdungsklasse I)
   (reg. Administrative Regulation for Water Contaminating Substances)
• Highest possible concentration of 25% in spray water (reg. German Administrative Regulation for Waste Water,
   Appendix 1, Section C, Paragraph 1 for Size Range 5 (>6.000kg/d))

Fields for the application of Aglo-Polvon
• coal-burning power plants
• steelworks
• coking plants
• recycling companies
• road construction
• wood working
• wire works
• stone quarries
• street cleaning
• biomass plants

We would be pleased to develop individual concepts for dust suppression and offer respective mounting by professional subcontractors.