Lignosulphonate C12C
Group: Ammonium Lignosulphonate
Origin: EU
CAS #: 8061-52-7, 8061-53-8

Lignosulphonate N18
Group: Sodium Lignosulphonate
Origin: EU
CAS #: 8061-51-6

Lignosulfonates are used as pelleting aids in the concentrated feed industry as well as dispersants for concrete additives, plasticizers for bricks and ceramics, tanning agents, peptizers, binders for fibre boards, binders for granulate casting, fertilizers, activated carbon, moulds and dispersions in the agricultural sector. For industrial use only.
Physical characteristics and safety data
expressed on dry matters

dry matter %Ø 95.0 +/- 2Ø 95.0 +/- 2
solubility %Ø > 99.0-
pH-value5.2 +/-0.57.5 - 9.0
ash %Ø 5.5Ø 21
calcium %Ø 3.0-
ammonium nitrogen %Ø 2.8-
sodium %-Ø 7.0
nitrogen, total %Ø 3.8Ø 2.0
sulphur %Ø 7.0Ø 7.0
reducing matters %Ø < 11Ø < 5.0
flash pointapprox. 500°Capprox. 500°C
thermal decompositionapprox. 200°Capprox. 200°C
rate of humidity %Ø < 5.0Ø < 5.0
densityØ 0.6 +/- 10%Ø 0.6 +/- 10%

Additional to these products you can buy other modified Lignosulphonates from us.

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Analytical characteristics
appearance: powder, color: brown, odour: noticeable; slightly aromatic

25 kg paper sacks palettised in 1,250 kg portions

Further information
Burning test according to VDI-Bericht 165, MP1:ST1 (short ignition, quick release). Dust explosion test according VDI-Bericht 165, MP5:ST1 (little risk of explosion). Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH) - No obligation to register. The product is not explosive, biodegradable and fermentable. No hazardous waste according to the Waste Catalogue Ordinance (AVV).

Transport - No dangerous goods as defined by transport regulations
 • EINECS-Nr. 2325059

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