Water treatment


The ACQUAPOL C1 cationic organic polymer removes the total suspended solids (TSS) and accompanying turbidity so that the raw water will be of suitable quality for process use or for potable treatment.

ACQUAPOL C1 has strong coagulating / flocculant properties on colloidal particles and is designed to neutralize the surface charges on colloidal solids, thus promoting rapid and effective coagulation.

ACQUAPOL C1 bridges the neutralized or coagulated particles into larger agglomerates by ionic and superficial interaction, resulting in more efficient and fast settling.

Additionally the structure of the molecule shows a remarkable chelating action on most of metals, especially iron, reducing dramatically metal salts.

ACQUAPOL C1 does not alter pH of the system nor requires special pH adjustment operating well without consuming alkalinity of the system and is effective in the range from 5 to 8.


ACQUAPOL C1 is a modified natural polymer obtained from an aqueous vegetable extract of the bark of Wattle tree (Acacia meanrsii wild) and has a cationic charge. Tannins are present in leaves, bark and fruit of plants and are multiple structure oligomers. Due to the vegetal origin ACQUAPOL C1 is safe for the environment and completely degradable.

ACQUAPOL C1 removes the total suspended solids (TSS) and accompanying turbidity promoting rapid and effective settling so that the raw water will be of suitable quality for process use or for potable treatment. After its flocculating/coagulating action it precipitates completely leaving no chemical residue in the water, meeting all regulatory requirements.

According to preliminary tests (jar tests) and technical advice from specialists ACQUAPOL C1 may be used accordingly as primary coagulant / flocculant or as flocculant aids especially in water treatment stations. It can be used in other segments as industrial wastewater, pure or combined synergistically with other flocculants as PAC, aluminum sulfate or synthetic polymers.

Application and Advantages

ACQUAPOL C1 was developed for treatment of municipal wastewater, air flotation units, and sludge dewatering. It is a unique environmental friendly product for this purpose eliminating completely problems associated to Aluminum.

• Multipurpose products work as coagulant,
   flocculant simplifying dramatically the operation
• Does not impact final pH
• Promotes effective elimination or reduction of metal salts
• Ready for use does not need to be diluted
   it's completely soluble and has low viscosity
• Performs effectively in low or high hardness,
   alkalinity or turbidity water
• Operates well without pH adjustment
• Not aggressive to metal surfaces, rather,
   an iron tannate layer is formed on the surface
   that protects against corrosion
• Non corrosive, non toxic and essentially organic

Characteristics and Safety recommendation
Appearance Light brown powder
pH (aqueous sol 20%) ca. 2.6
Specific gravity (g/cm3) ca. 0.35
Ionic charge cationic
Total solids ca. 34%

ACQUAPOL C1 is a nontoxic product and its handling does not require special care. In case of contact with skin, wash with water and soap.

25 kg paper sacks on pallets of 1000 kg.

It should be kept protected from freeze, excessive heat and sunlight.

Examples of application
Drinking water
Fish-Shrimp farm
Metal industry car assembler
Oil refinery
Iron mining
Textile industry